Wanderlust: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about
— do it...

Add on to any senior session experience:
[theSIMPLE]: +$1800

[theSPECIAL]: +$1700
[theIDEAL]: +$1600

Travel to a destination out of state with Vokal Photography for a full day of shooting in “America’s Finest City”!

Fri January 17th - Travel Day
Sat January 18th - Shoot 9am - Sunset
Sun January 19th - Explore the City
Mon January 20th - Travel Home

Full day of shooting with Vokal Photography plus four more of the industry's leading photographers and their models,
Full styling for shoot,
Professional Hair and Makeup,
$200 clothing allowance,
Licenses and Permits for all locations,
8x8 / 10-page Custom Keepsake Album to remember your trip

Not Included:

*Parent chaperone required
*Registration deadline is December 1, 2019
Full payment required to register
*Maximum of 3 models

You can book this session as an add-on to any of the senior session experiences.


Already booked your senior session experience and just want to purchase this add-on?

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highlight reel

2019 - AUSTIN, TX

Locations: Lonestar Hotel, Roadhouse Relics, Old Town Austin, Univ of Texas-Austin Campus, Gruene TX


Locations: Joshua Tree Natl Park, Palm Springs, Salvation Mountain/Salton Sea

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I just purchase [theWANDERLUST] as my senior session?
Your senior session is all about you and you alone. I will take up to three models for [theWANDERLUST] plus there will two more photographers with their models, which then makes it less of an individual experience and more of a model shoot (which is a blast by the way)! But you still need to have a senior session experience to get what you came for (your senior pictures).

Why isn't the cost of airfare, hotel, food and entertainment included with the price?
The fee you pay for the destination session covers my time before, during and after the two day shoots including all the research for taking a Vokal Photography session to a place I don't live and shoot often. I spend time networking and finding only the best places to go. While we're there, I work hard to make your experience amazing. When we come home, I spend hours going through all the great images we shoot and creating your one of kind memory album for you. That's what that fee covers. Furthermore, I want you and your chaperone to have the opportunity to select hotel quality/rates you are comfortable with and airlines/flight times that fit your preferences and schedules.

Why do you require a chaperone come?
One of my primary concerns during a destination shoot is the safety of my clients. I feel traveling with a chaperone will assure safety during the non-shooting times when I may or may not be with you.

I want to book this but I've already purchased my senior session experience and didn't select this as an add-on?
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