Do you have a studio?
No, I'm a location photographer. I do have studio equipment though and if you have a specific vision that requires indoor shooting, we can always do that at the Vokal Photography World Headquarters (aka my house).

I don't have any wall space left and I have more than one child so I don't have a need for a bunch of product. I won't spend the entire portrait credit I get with my session.
I offer plenty of fun products that don't require hanging on the wall such as Custom Announcements/Thank You Cards, Custom Designed Albums, Gift Prints (8x10's and smaller) to fill a frame on a coffee table or to give to the grandparents. I will help you put together an order that won't fill your walls but will provide you with enough to remember this important time in the life of your senior.

Do you offer digital images?
I provide a digital album of your favorite images for sharing with family, friends, on social media, etc with each session. All images in the albums are branded with a tasteful Vokal Photography logo applied. The images in your album are lo res meaning they are not of print quality.

I do have hi res images unbranded images as Bonus Items in some of my Collections or they are available for purchase at $200 each as an AlaCarte item.


Do you take credit cards?
Yes! Checks are my favorite, but for your convenience I also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What does a session experience include?
The amount you invest in a session experience is broken down into two portions.

Portion 1: Session Fee
What it costs for my time/talent before in preparation for your session, during the shoot and after for proofing/editing time.

Portion 2: Product Credit
Product credit is simply money invested at the time you book your session that you can then spend on your order. Think of it as a gift certificate.

Check my senior session options page for all of the session experience pricing. Each option has the product credit amount broken out at the bottom.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I require at least half of the session experience fee to reserve your session date. If you prefer, the other half can be deferred and is due the day of your session.

I just want something simple because I don't like having my pictures taken. Can you do something for less cost that would just be one or two images that I can use for announcements?
I have met a LOT of seniors who say they don't like having their picture taken. I have NEVER met a senior who still says that after I have taken their pictures! The time you're going to spend preparing for your session, and my time that is spent preparing for that session is the same regardless of how many images we shoot, so the minimum time I shoot with my sessions is one-hour.

Analogy: You wouldn't want to train for a full marathon and then only run 5 miles on race day. You've trained 12 years for your senior year. You deserve at least an hour and the images I can create for you in that time. You will be glad you did.


I know a professional salon service is included with my session but I want to do my own or I don't need it.
- Girls -
I can help decide whether professional makeup is necessary for you based on both your experience at applying your own and your complexion. Professional makeup reduces photoshop touchups which ultimately makes for a more natural looking complexion. We can decide at your pre-session consult. I will say that through my experience, having a professional do your makeup does make you look and feel amazing (kind of like a salad made by somebody else always tastes better). They contour both your cheek bones and your eyes, use a foundation that is meant specifically for photography (matte), they will apply eyelashes (not crazy over the top ones, just enhancers), they will coordinate eye/lip color with what you're wearing, etc. I choose my makeup artists because they enhance your existing features with makeup and it's never overdone.
What’s Included: Airbrush Makeup Application + Lashes. Hair can be added on for extra.

- Boys -
I hear you. Think newscasters (they have this done all the time and you don’t notice it, right?). We can decide at your pre-session consult. In most cases, it reduces photoshop touch-ups resulting in more natural looking images. The concealer (makeup) specifically is applied using an airbrush tool. It reduces shine and covers acne really well.
What’s Included: Neck/Ear trim, clean up between brows/stray hairs on face/neck. Airbrush acne cover up if needed.

I don't know where to have my pictures taken. Can you help?
I have over a decade of experience shooting in the twin cities. I have found LOTS of locations in that time to fit a look that you desire. And if I don't know of a place, I have lots of resources to find one. Plus when I meet you and learn more about you and your style, I can often times suggest locations for you.

Do you shoot on weekends?
My weekends are my time with my family. I actually prefer to shoot on weekdays for a few reasons: One (and most importantly)--locations are WAY less busy, two--I prefer to shoot in the evenings because the light is less harsh and temps are cooler in the summer and early fall. Weekday evenings are easier for everyone because there's 5 of them in a week instead of 2.

What if the weather isn't good on my session day?
I'm always watching the weather the week of your session. Plus the radar helps immensely. If we have to reschedule we will (no charge), but it will be my call whether we reschedule or not. The biggest reasons for cancellations are rain/thunderstorms or high winds for girls or guys with longer hair.

How will I know what to wear?
We will get this all figured out during your pre-session consult. We will decide on a look and a location which will make it easier for you to decide. Plus I also have LOTS of inspiration on my Pinterest Page which I highly recommend you use. And if we are working toward a specific theme that I haven't created a board for yet, I guarantee I will be creating a board for both mine and your inspiration.

How will I know what to do to get ready for my session?
We will discuss all of this at your pre-session consult. I have Guy and Girl specific guides that help you remember every detail (clean your nails or go for a mani/pedi, get those eyebrows tamed, haircut timing or getting it colored, etc).


What if I want pictures shot specific to a talent I have and can I do that the same day as my senior session?
I offer a talent add-on session that can be added on to any of the senior session experiences I offer for an additional $300. It includes a 1.5 hour creative session dedicated to your talent. The only talent shots I will do the day of your senior session are those that only require a clothing change only. Otherwise, if it will be more in depth, we do a talent session on a separate day.


What if I want a family session in addition to the senior session?
I offer a family add-on session that can be added on to any of the senior session experiences I offer for an additional $300. It includes a 1.5 hour session dedicated to the family on a separate day from your senior session.


Why can't I just purchase [theWANDERLUST] as my senior session?
Your senior session is all about you and you alone. I will take up to three models for [theWANDERLUST] plus there will two more photographers with their models, which then makes it less of an individual experience and more of a model shoot (which is a blast by the way)! But you still need to have a senior session experience to get what you came for (your senior pictures).

Why isn't the cost of airfare, hotel, food and entertainment included with the price?
The fee you pay for the destination session covers my time before, during and after the two day shoots including all the research for taking a Vokal Photography session to a place I don't live and shoot often. I spend time networking and finding only the best places to go. While we're there, I work hard to make your experience amazing. When we come home, I spend hours going through all the great images we shoot and creating your one of kind memory album for you. That's what that fee covers. Furthermore, I want you and your chaperone to have the opportunity to select hotel quality/rates you are comfortable with and airlines/flight times that fit your preferences and schedules.

Why do you require a chaperone come?
One of my primary concerns during a destination shoot is the safety of my clients. I feel traveling with a chaperone will assure safety during the non-shooting times when I may or may not be with you.

I want to book this but I've already purchased my senior session experience and didn't select this as an add-on?
Contact me and I'll help you get it booked!


I really want to enter the National Model Competition but it isn't included with the session option I chose and I'm not a member of the Experience Team. Can I still be entered in the contest?
Yes. You can add-on a National Model Entry to your session package for $150.

I have an entry to the National Model Competition included with my session, but I'm not interested. Do I still have to enter?
I would certainly never want to make you do something you don't want to do. It's simply available if that's something you desire to do.

What do I have to do to complete my entry?
All of the following must be completed by October
Senior Session
Personal essay written
1 minute "Who I Am" video created on your phone

How are winners selected?     
The Competition has two rounds: 
Round 1: Finalist Selection Round - If you are selected as a finalist, and want to attend [theWANDERLUST] Destination Shoot - Vokal Photography will provide $300 toward the purchase of that add-on session.
Round 2: Winner Selection Round - If you are then selected as a winner, Vokal Photography will provide $500 toward your expenses to attend the full day fashion shoot with Jan and Society 12.

If I am a selected winner in the National Model Competition am I required to attend? 
Yes, all winners are required to attend along with a parent chaperone. 

Please visit the National Model Competition Page for more information.


How long will it take for you to process my session?
Your ordering appointment is scheduled when you book your session two weeks after your shoot. 

How long will it take for my order to be ready?
My standard is two weeks. If you have ordered custom items--wall arrangements, announcements, albums--products that require us to work through a proofing process, your order processing time may take longer. 

Do you offer online galleries? I don't have time in my schedule for an ordering appointment.
I started ordering appointments for one reason. My clients needed them. I know how busy schedules are these days. I have two kids of my own that we are constantly chasing. Ordering appointments actually save you time! The software I use for rating/sorting/comparing makes choosing so much easier than looking at images one at a time online. Most importantly it's dedicated time, with your spouse/your senior/both to sit down, select your favorites, look through print samples, use my expertise for helping you build an order, etc. I guarantee you will not regret having an ordering appointment.

Side note: I am NOT a pushy sales person. I view an ordering appointment as time to help make your experience less painful. I simply do it to help you not to try spend your money foolishly.

What kind of ordering do you offer?
I have two options for ordering. Collections and Custom Collections (Ala Carte):

Prices range from $500 to $2600 per collection, saving you 20% off ala carte pricing of the same products. Bonus digital items included with most collections.

Custom collections are available upon request:
Wall Portraits (11x14 and larger) start at $75
Gift Prints (wallets - 8x10) start at $20
Grad Announcements/Open House Invites $42/set of 25

The product credit you purchase as part of your session experience is applied to your purchase

I will have my full product offering at the ordering appointment. If you have specific pricing questions before then, please contact me.

Do you archive all of my images?
I only keep images that you purchase and I will keep those for at least 5 years.
**All other images are subject to deletion (unless I keep some for marketing use).